Narborian Saga – Major Update!


Based on your feedback, beginning as of today, we are rolling out a major content update of Narborion Saga. Google Play and Amazon Appstore version will be out today, while the iOS version for Apple users has been submitted and waiting for review.

What’s new?

  • More hints with riddles. For every riddle (including the infamous anagram in the Waythrat Forest, the riddles in the Goblin village and the coded paper in the Black Keep) the pages will contain some hints. More with some, less with others – we still would like you to keep using your brain. If still stuck despite our effort, ask your fellow players on Facebook, as many of you have done before.
  • Instant boosters before combats. Before most of the combats (except where you are surprised or otherwise unable to act) you can now ask “the favor of the Gods”. You can ask for +3 Strength (which, depending on your actual value will provide +1 or +2 points of Attack and Damage) and +3 Mana. Both bonuses will disappear after battle. You will have to sacrifice a very small amount of Gold Coins to the Gods to receive their favor.
  • Major price drop in in-game shops. In parallel with introducing the instant booster described above, we significantly reduced the prices of some items in the shops (including Sharanton, Talantas, Ion’s Chariot, the Druid’s Grove and the Gipsy Camp). You can now obtain Healing, Protective and Booster potions and items for a very low price.

Don’t forget to save Bookmarks often to avoid losing your character, especially at the beginning of chapters, before combats and especially after you buy Gold Coins!

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