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My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy- Check Out This New Release!!!









Life is made up of choices. Choices have made people try new food, find new places, learn something that may change the course of history, But the choices that the main character, Kanade Amakusa in My Mental Choices (often referred to as Noucome for short) are not so much those kind of life changing choices. He has been cursed by some unknown God with ‘Absolute Choice’, and while he may be having a normal day, suddenly a list of ludicrous choices appear before him, and he must choice one of the options, unless risking unimaginable pain in his head!! The choices usually involve personal embarrassment or harassment of others, but he has sworn to never use ‘Absolute Choice’ to affect the feelings of others, so he’ll usually take the ridicule himself, how heroic!








He quickly learns from a teacher of his who also used to be cursed with ‘Absolute Choice’ that it can be taken away, and after a choice he makes to make an Angel fall from heaven, whom we soon to find out to be our hilarious puppy Chocolat, that God will give him missions, and once every mission has been completed, the curse shall be lifted! But wait!! If he misses even one mission, by even a minute, the curse will stay with him forever!! As with his Absolute Choices, these missions are absolutely ridiculous, generally involving the ladies of his school and can range from taking a picture of one crying, to making 7 girls confess their love for him!! This anime is released on November 18th through Sentai Filmworks on DVD and Blu-ray, if you’re looking for a laugh in your new anime adventures, this is definitely one you should put on your list!

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