Milky Tea receives an investment from TenCent

Milky Tea, an independent game development and animation production studio based in Liverpool, UK, today announced that Tencent Holdings Limited (“Tencent”), a leading integrated Internet services provider in China, has made an investment in the company.

Tencent’s investment came on the back of Milky Tea’s announcement of its brand new game, HyperBrawl Tournament. This is the third IP from the studio which was announced earlier this year. The game is a brutally fast paced and intense sports combat title and has gained considerable interest from the gaming world over the past few months during exhibitions at games trade and consumer events including GDC, E3, EGX and Insomnia.

Milky Tea, best-known for their high quality, bespoke artwork and iconic characters in the world of animation and gaming, has been focusing on developing their own gaming intellectual property for the past three years. With their new partnership in place, Milky Tea plans to further expand to their team in Liverpool, scale up the development of HyperBrawl Tournament and develop new PC and console IPs over the coming years.

“This partnership marks a turning-point in Milky Tea’s history. The scale of it really hasn’t hit home just yet, but we are all really proud to be part of the Tencent family and we couldn’t ask for better partners. Everyone at Tencent has gone above and beyond our expectations to make this happen and from a personal point of view, it’s a dream come true. It allows us as a team to focus on making the kind of high quality games that we’ve always dreamed of making. My ambition is to turn Milky Tea into a mini MTV meets Pixar of the Video Gaming World. The hard work starts now, as we take the studio onto the next level – our best work is definitely yet to come. With Tencent supporting us, it’s like the studio just got some rocket fuel!” – Jonathan Holmes – Milky Tea’s Founder and Managing Director

Milky Tea is currently working to bring HyperBrawl Tournament, currently in pre-Alpha, to Steam and Nintendo Switch in early 2018. For more information on HyperBrawl, please refer to the Website at:

About Milky Tea

Milky Tea is a UK based Game Development and Animation Production Studio. Established in Liverpool in 2005, the studio designs, develops and publishes its own intellectual property as well as offering “work for hire” game development and animation services. The studio has created digital content for some of the globes biggest brands including NFL, Sony, Kraft, Bose and Toyota. The studio is renowned for its work in the UK on the Lloyds TSB ‘for the journey’ advertising campaign between 2007 -2013. In 2015-2016 the studio published “Coffin Dodgers” a dark comedic Kart Racing game on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Over the years the studio has won or been nominated for nearly every major award in its industry, including prestigious awards from BAFTA, EMMY, Banff and TIGA. In 2017 the studio was shortlisted by Creative England as one of the top 50 best up and coming, innovative and disruptive companies across film, games and digital tech. For more information please visit

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