Meet Silence’s secret hero: Spot!

Hamburg, February 18th, 2015 –  Now that Daedalic Entertainment has introduced you to the main protagonists of Silence, adventuring siblings Noah and Renie, it’s now time to have a closer look at the small, but secret hero of the upcoming adventure game: Spot, the faithful caterpillar.Spot_water

Behind the cute veneer of a simple insect lies much more than the eye can see -he’s a hero in bug’s clothing!  This is why Spot is not only the steady companion of the Noah and Renie, but also a Swiss Army Knife to help with the puzzles you have to solve on your way through the world of Silence. Spot can fly, split himself up or drink and spit liquids to help you get past many obstacles. He can even become a bridge to reach remote places, or a crowbar to clear the way through heavy rocks. What else can he do? Keep reading to find out –

  • Big Spot:  One of Spot’s  main abilities is to suck in anything he can get close to his mouth. If this is air, the little caterpillar inflates and takes the shape of a ball. This can have multiple uses, as letting him jump like a basketball, throw him around and use him as a safety pillow for deep falls. Big Spot is so light that he can also fly around like a hot-air balloon.
  • 5er Spot:  The more the merrier! This is why Spot can divide himself into smaller versions of himself. This can be useful to sneak through cracks, but is also a handy trap against the evil underground-dwelling Lumis.
  • Flat Spot: When Spot is not carrying anything in his belly, he is able to deflate himself to become really small. This lets him reach areas that are not accessible for Renie and Noah, but is strong enough to carry people and build bridges to previously inaccessible areas.
  • Fire Spot: Spot is hot! At least when he touches fire and becomes a living torch. Inflamed Spot can be used to set ignite items and illuminate shadowy parts of the world of  Silence.
  • Dragon Spot: Spot can swallow a lot more than air, including dangerous liquids like lava. He can then use the warm magma against the vegetation or use it to fix broken objects like stone statues.
  • Water Spot: Spot is also a perfect tool for all gardening work. If Spot is filled with water, he can be used as a watering pot. By pouring water over plants or mushrooms, they will grow and change the environment.
  • Honey Spot: Little Spot is also a sweet tooth and loves to be fed honey. As soon as he is stuffed with the tasty nectar, he hums in a meditative way which can calm whole colonies of Honey Ticks.
  • Helium Spot: Helium is the stuff that makes voices high and squeaky, but also the kind of noble gas that makes Spot weightless. That does not only lets him fly around, but also makes him invisible to anyone who crosses his path.
  • Acid Spot: Last but not least, Spot is capable to transport acids. What will it do? Players will have to find out for themselves.

Spot’s not only a good tool, but for Noah and Renie, he is a faithful companion on their adventures as well. He’s especially good at comforting the young Renie, whenever she gets into tough situations.

Spot_normal Spot_lava Spot_honey Spot_flat Spot_fire Spot_big Spot_All Spot_acid Spot_5er

About Silence –

Silence is the story of Noah, who is about to lose his little sister Renie to the perils of war. He barely manages to follow her into Silence’s magical world before the horrors of war reach their doorstep.But even in this mystical place, war ravages the land. In the search for his sister, Noah joins a group of rebels who battle “The False Queen.”

Featuring completely new 3D visuals, Silence will offer many unique features to players. Noah and Renie’s quest will lead them to a visually impressive and emotionally investing adventure, with many mysteries to unravel around the world of Silence.

Daedalic Entertainment has scheduled Silence, the sequel to The Whispered World, for the second half of 2015 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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