Lightracer: Ignition Out Today on Android

Indie development studio Smartmelon and publisher Ohayoo release their multi-awarded immersive narrative-driven, sci-fi idle game Lightracer: Ignition on Android today.

Lightracer: Ignition, a game where you decide whether entire civilizations rise or fall, is based on the “Big Rip” hypothesis wherein all matter is slowly being torn apart by the expansion of the universe.

Lightracer: Ignition is a title where you actually determine the fate of human societies as it tells a story of the struggle of several civilizations at the twilight of the universe. 

Lightracer: Ignition is the perfect complement for sci-fi fans who can pick this game as a ‘side-game on mobile –and it’s for free. 

The core idle gameplay in Lightracer: Ignition provides a relaxing game experience while its immersive storytelling allows the player to enjoy the story in-depth, making this game unique.

In opposition to other sci-fi games, Lightracer: Ignition contains a philosophical background explained in more than 150k words, turning it into a heavy reading game.

Navigate your high-tech space ark to lead your compatriots and help them escape from the “Big Rip” as you explore 9 planets and 10 chapters. Evolve spectacular technologies, meet amazing AI characters, and unlock different stories and game modes.Lightracer: Ignition is free to download and it includes in-game purchases and in-game ads. The game will be launched on iOS soon.

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