Liberated coming to PC on July 30th, 2 free DLC chapters included

Walkabout Games is proud to announce that Liberated, an action-adventure game by Atomic Wolf and L.INC, taking place inside a living, hand-drawn comic book, will premiere on PC on July 30th, 2020 at $19.99, €18.99, £15.99 on Steam,, and Humble Bundle.

Pre-order is available with 20% off on Humble Bundle and The PC edition will introduce visual improvements over its Nintendo Switch counterpart as well as 2 free DLC chapters and full English voice-overs done by award winning localization agency, Roboto Global.

“We’ve read carefully all the feedback that we’ve got from the players. We are thrilled that the Playable Graphic Novel formula met with such a warm reception. Thanks to our dialogue with the community we will be able to deliver an enhanced version of the game on the PC, and later update it on the Switch with additional content,”

Robert Purzycki, CEO of, producer of Liberated.

Liberated is a gorgeous hand-drawn action-adventure comic book game about a revolution in a cyberpunk world. The player joins the group of activists who fight to uncover the truth about the oppressive government.

The PC version of this indie title, which will debut on Steam,, GeForce Now and Humble Bundle on 30th July, will come with a variety of new features, including:

  • 2 free DLC chapters
  • Full English voice-overs
  • Ultra HD resolution support (4K and up)
  • Ultra widescreen support
  • High refresh rate support (144Hz and up)
  • High-res textures
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Support for Keyboard & Mouse + Gamepads

The additional DLC chapters take place after the main story and delve deeper into the dystopian reality of Liberated.

For the Homeland tells the story of a low-level official tasked with directing the public discourse online. As a ‘paid troll’, he destroys the lives and careers of targeted people while treating it like a nine-to-five job.

Liberated has struck a chord with the core Nintendo audience. Rewarded with a score of 8/10 by Nintendo Life, 9/10 by Pure Nintendo, and 8/10 by NintendoSoup, Liberated was praised for its unique hand-drawn visuals, a relevant and universal message, and its full and unparalleled commitment to the comic book narrative.

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