Legacy of Discord set to celebrate 1000 days with “Happy Festival”

After 1000 days of entertaining players,Legacy of Discord is throwing its happiest ever in-game event yet — “Happy Festival”. Apart from loads of rewards, a brand new mercenary is being introduced to the game; bringing more power to the players.

Alongside the general festival frivolity there will be plenty of activities for players to explore: whether they want to create a Legacy of Discord-style screenshot in-game with an all new editing feature, or take part in the ‘guess the code’ event. Other new features include Pet Chess and Pet Arena; allowing proud owners to show off their pets strategy and strength!

Legacy of Discord’s new mercenary is Ries the Witch: like many other mercenaries, Ries had no discernible destiny to look forward to; just a fate leading her on a dark and dangerous path. Those lucky enough to have Ries fighting next to them in-game will understand just how much she values her new sense of purpose.

Want a side order of Discord with your Legacy of Discord? YOOZOO has just  announced the opening of a dedicated Discord server for the game. Discord is a popular chat platform for gamers that works on both your desktop and phone.

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