Launching today: Join the circus as a daring human cannonball with *Incredible Circus Remix* (iOS/Android/Windows Phone)

Have you ever imagined living a day in the life of a human cannonball? Now with the new platformer INCREDIBLE CIRCUS REMIX created by Brazilian studio INDT, you don’t have to join the circus to get a taste of the action 🙂


Pierre is a human cannonball whose sole goal in life is to become the greatest circus marvel of all time. To get there, he must first face hungry lions, menacing fire eaters, scheming knife throwers, electric traps, fire rings, and a number of circus-themed hazards. Just as in real life, a perfect landing is worth a serious bonus . . . but staying alive long enough to reap the rewards is another matter!

“We wanted to give players many different obstacles to keep the game exciting. Variety and challenge are what the circus is all about after all!”

– Bruno Araújo, game designer

“Mastering a game goes beyond beating all the levels; it’s also about sharing high scores with friends, family, and co-workers. Even if you don’t come out on top every time, you can spend hours upon hours tackling all of the achievements.”

-Aloisio Almeida Jr, project manager


  • 5 wacky circuses, each with its own unique personality
  • 85 levels filled with imaginative obstacles
  • 3 awesome power-ups to improve Pierre’s performance
  • 40+ achievements
  • Challenge your friends to see who has the highest score!

Incredible Circus Remix is free with in-app purchases.
The game is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone:




INDT (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico) is an independent and non-profit research and development institute focused on the generation of new concepts, products and solutions for areas related to mobile technologies and the Internet. Innovation is in our DNA: We promote initiatives to develop local competences based on knowledge transfer. This rich interchange with research entities, universities, companies and business incubators makes it possible for us to transform ideas into products, services and valuable final solutions. INDT has developed games for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Symbian platforms — such as Wake Woody, Frog, Get the Parachute, Amazon Jewels and Pebol series. Incredible Circus Remix is the sequel to the studio’s greatest hit, Incredible Circus. To learn more about INDT, please visit

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