Launching September 10: Command the “space marine expeditionary force” and defend your outpost from hostile lifeforms in Alien Robot Monsters!

Launching on September 10th on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, A.R.M. improves on the tower defense genre by going well beyond upgradeable towers. Need to mount an attack? No problem! Your troops can leave the safety of those armored buildings behind and go from a quick skirmish to all out war in a split second. The game’s complex technology tree allows for crazy upgrades such as a supply stash that becomes a flame-throwing, mortar-shooting bunker — or a tech center that can be upgraded to an orbital staging area . . . raining lasers on unsuspecting foes 🙂

You can even upgrade your troops with better armor, weapons, and unique classes such as Space Marines, Spec Ops, Heavy, and Sentinels. The Alien Robot Monsters aren’t going to go down easy, however. These mechanical menaces have a few nasty tricks up their sleeves — including aerial assault bots, swarms of snake-like fiends, troops that can insta-kill your soldiers, walking tanks, and even dangerous mecha bosses …
ARM_screenshot_05 ARM_screenshot_07 ARM_screenshot_06

  • Classic tower defense action game with explosions, debris, bullets, and missiles
  • 16-bit era look and feel in native 1980 x 1280 resolution
  • Tons of towers, marines, robots, and levels
  • Epic Hollywood-style orchestral soundtrack
  • Stars (earned by completing levels) that can be spent to reinforce your base
  • 23 different towers with 60+ unique upgrades
  • 31 levels (plus 6 harder bonus levels)
  • 18 global upgrades with 5 levels eachN
  • New unlocks in almost every level

Alien Robot Monsters will be available on September 10th on Steam for 5.99 EUR (currently around $6.50 USD). A deluxe edition with the game’s soundtrack will cost 7.99 EUR (currently around $8.75 USD). The iOS and Android ports — launching simultaneously with the Steam version — will be free-to-play with in-app purchases.

ARM_screenshot_01 ARM_screenshot_04 ARM_screenshot_03 ARM_screenshot_02

Kraftix Games is a Finnish independent studio with a love for deep gameplay experiences that are easy to learn and hard to master. Alien Robot Monsters is the studio’s debut title. Find out more at

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