Launching April 6: Soar the skies, dodge obstacles, and collect coins in *Sky Wings* (iOS/Android)

Get ready take to the skies in SKY WINGS, a colorful endless flyer created by Dubai studio Woweez

In Sky Wings, you take on the role of a daring pilot seeking to fulfill a family legacy by collecting coins and dodging dangerous obstacles. Stormy clouds, immovable trees, sturdy rocks, stubborn shrubs, other airplanes, and beautiful-yet-deadly floating mountains (think Avatar) must be dealt with if you want to become the Ultimate Champion 🙂

To makes things easier, a number of power-ups are available — such as a jet engine that propels the plane to incredible speeds above the cloud cover. Other power-ups include:

  • a giant magnet that causes coins to attracts coins toward the plane
  • a red coin that doubles all coin pickups for a limited time
  • a score multiplier


  • Fly through a stunning jungle setting
  • Use fun power-ups to even the odds
  • Challenge your friends for the top spot in the rankings
  • Use boosters to break through the cloud cover!
  • Can you collect all of the flight badges?

Sky Wings will be available from the App Store and Google Play on April 6. The game can be downloaded for free and includes in-app purchases.

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