KRAFTON Game Union Brings MISTOVER to PAX East

After a hugely well-received announcement that MISTOVER will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch, KRAFTON Game Union is thrilled to be bringing the game to PAX East 2019. Fans and press alike will be able to be the first in the world to try out MISTOVER during the epic four-day convention in Boston.

During PAX East 2019, everyone can stop by the KRAFTON Game Union booth to play MISTOVER on Switch and PC. Lucky visitors can take home some awesome MISTOVER swag and meet the developers to talk about the highly anticipated title.


MISTOVER brings a unique experience to players as a dungeon crawler with gameplay that will challenge even the most hardcore of hardcore players. Think of it as a cross between the mechanics of Darkest Dungeon and the thrilling dungeon crawling experiences found in Etrian Odyssey. With eight classes, players will be able to take on MISTOVER in a role and combat style that suits them the best. Classes include Witch, Shadow Blade, Grim Reaper, Paladin, Ronin, Sister, Werewolf, and Onmyouji. Each one comes with its own unique set of skills and abilities so that no two game sessions are the same. Additionally, such a wide variety of classes offers nearly infinite replayability.

MISTOVER isn’t just any dungeon romp. It provides suspenseful adventure in the harshest of conditions. Each procedurally generated dungeon provides players with an array of challenges at every turn from a plethora of vicious monsters to deadly traps to poisonous food. Survival comes at the cost of wondering whether the next step or the next tasty morsel will mean one’s doom as death is permanent in MISTOVER. But never fear! There’s always a new recruit coming in on the next wagon to be added to your party of adventurers.

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