Klabater purchased Heliborne game and brand

Klabater, a game developer and publisher listed on NewConnect, has purchased from JetCatGames studio full rights to Heliborne game and brand – a networked modern battlefield and helicopter simulator in one. Up to now, nearly 100 thousand players from all over the world has bought the game. The majority of customers are players from the USA, Germany, Russia and Australia. The current wishlist of users interested in acquiring the title amounts to 100 thousand. There are also as many as 15 DLCs available for the game. 

Klabater became the publisher of Heliborne in 2017 and since then the game has remained one of the best-selling productions in the Company portfolio. Despite almost 3 years of its presence on the market the title still sells very well with a steady growth on wishlists, and there are still many players on the servers (800 players per day on average). 

Klabater, recognizing the huge potential of this brand, was talking about the conditions of acquisition with the developers of the game in recent months.

In 2017 we decided to become the publisher of the Heliborne PC version because we had already noticed the huge potential of this brand. Heliborne turned out to be our most popular publishing title, so we decided to buy the game from the developer and invest in the brand further. We are convinced that Heliborne is only just speeding up and requires active support in terms of production, maintaining the attention of the community and further marketing activities such as gaining new users. Simultaneously with the purchase of the game, we also created a development team, which will start working on the modernization and development of the game from February this year.”

Michał Gembicki, member of the board at Klabater.

Later this year, Klabater plans to develop and release Heliborne: The Definitive Edition, fully re-mastered, taking into account the expectations of the community and with new content, a new version of the game. The company will soon communicate the exact scope of work and content of the new game edition. A fully dedicated production team works on these improvements. At the same time, the porting department at Klabater, together with the development team, has been working on releasing the game on console platforms – PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

As the publisher of Heliborne we have had an influence on the promotion of the title so far, but unfortunately not on the development of the game itself. Last year, the gaming community demanded new content and events in the game, among other things, and we could not deliver it. We are convinced that this will change with the takeover of the IP rights.

Łukasz Mach, the marketing director at Klabater. 
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