Jump’N’Shoot Attack – t’s time we take back mobile gaming!


We (Screw Attack Games) for one are tired of unresponsive virtual buttons and “Free to Play” games full ofaddictive and manipulative tricks to take people’s money. That’s why ScrewAttack Games has partnered again with FreakZone Games, creator of Manos: The Hands of Fate and Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, to bring you our take on what mobile gaming should be.

Jump’N’Shoot Attack offers a challenging, retro NES-inspired experience on youriOS, and Android mobile devices and tablets with a simple and responsive 2-touch controller scheme. At a $1.99 price point, Jump’N’Shoot Attack will provide players a full game experience and will never charge money for an extra life or power up. Even if you wanted us to!

Be sure to check out Jump’N’Shoot Attack, available now on Android and iOS and coming to Windows Phone (that’s right, even Windows) in April!

  • Collectibles and power-ups to boost your attack and gain extra lives. You’ll need them.
  • Dominate online leaderboards: brag to you friends and shame your e-rivals.
  • Jump and shoot your way to victory and save the president of Earth 4. There is no time to lose!
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