Join the Battle of Britain Anniversary Events with War Thunder

75 Years ago today, the 17th September 1940 saw an unusual day of peace and quiet in the skies above Great Britain. Following from the relentless battles over the past few weeks, not a single daylight raid or battle took part on this day on London or any RAF bases. A perfect summer’s day of weather saw a pause in the conflict during the day, providing some breathing space as Pilots and aircraft on both sides were exhausted, tired and in well need of a rest. Vital servicing, maintenance and repairs was taking place for many aircraft and bases. Crew and Pilots had the opportunity to finally rest after the ongoing summer battles.

bob_1280x1024_logo_comMost importantly on this day, a meeting between Adolf Hitler and members of German high command saw the postponing of Operation Sealion, the planned invasion of Britain. After the previous few days engagements, It was clear the RAF was very far from collapse and the Luftwaffe had not achieved the decisive blow that was needed to remove the threat of British Aerial supremacy. It is at this point when the Battle of Britain began its gradual conclusion. Whilst Luftwaffe bombing raids would continue, daylight raids would be cancelled from September 30th and night “Blitz” raids would continue until 1941.

75 years anniversary is aimed at recreating several Axis vs. Allied battles of WW2 over Britain and will allow War Thunder players to earn ‘Battle Trophies’. Don’t miss a chance to partake in the events and grab your ‘Battle Trophy’ now!

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