Is There a little Master Chief Riding a Scorpio in Every XBOX ONE X?!

If you thought the XBOX ONE X was already cool because it is the most powerful console ever built, native 4k display capabilities at 60 FPS with HDR…well be prepared to have your mind blown.

The One X has Halo’s Master Chief hiding inside and he’s riding a scorpion!!!

The image of Master Chief and his scorpion mount is etched on the circuit board inside the One X.

Unocero, a Spanish language YouTube tech channel, reveled the tiny picture during the breakdown of the One X.

Besides this being uber cool, the image is rich with utter symbolism. Xbox rode to becoming a household name on the coat tails of the great characters with the rise in popularity of Master Chief back when Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001. No Master Chief is given the honor of riding in on an Xbox that has evolved into the most powerful console ever made.

Why ride in on a Scorpion though?? As revealed during the development stage, the device was being kept hush under codename Project Scorpio and all of the Day One editions of the console will be Project Scorpio Editions… thus the iconic symbol mount.

You are going to have to take faith that Master Chief is in your console, unless you are crazy enough to break open it to see for yourself.



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