Intergalactic Transfer Station will allow you to become an ultimate master of interplanetary traffic in space

Sound like a business project that you could definitely handle? Well, Intergalactic Transfer Station is for you! Just remember that not a day goes by without something going wrong. You’ll constantly be working under pressure, and you can forget about lazy work afternoons where you’re sipping hot coffee, watching videos on YouTube, and counting down the hours until the end of your shift. The only videos you’ll be watching here will be the ones from your surveillance cameras, and you’ll be so busy that the only coffee you’ll get the chance to drink will be cold anyway. But hey, building your space travels imperium comes with a price.

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Intergalactic Transfer Station will allow you to become an ultimate master of interplanetary traffic in space. Think about hundreds of passengers daily coming from different planets from all corners of the universe, changing their spaceships nowhere else but in your station. This means you’ll have to expand your Intergalactic Transfer Hub constantly for it to be able to receive more and more passengers. Add new platforms, build and remodel shops, improve your facilities, and upgrade machines. Then you can arrange corridors, shops, and waiting areas to your exact needs – all to optimize your station’s design, and as a result, increase the flow of passengers. And that’s just the beginning, as managing your surroundings is only part of your role. The other is supervising the wide variety of different passengers that will be visiting. You’ll have to take care of different alien species, in all manner of ways, like building hotels for chlorine-breathing beings or restaurants for creatures fond of eating lava. The happier the passengers are, the more of them will come, and this means a larger profit and higher taxes. Just don’t forget about the station’s defenses, because anything from alien viruses that cause dangerous diseases to asteroids could alter your ambitious plans.


  • Manage the docking of spaceships – build new docking platforms and fill them with all the necessary facilities. From shops, waiting areas, and vending machines to toilets, hotels, and even plants.
  • Take care of passengers – remember, different alien species expect different conditions. Some require chlorine to breathe, others eat only lava, and not all of them are friendly. So if your surveillance cameras spot a gun, don’t hesitate to immediately eliminate the creature carrying it.
  • Expand your transfer hub – this place is your turf, your work, your life, so make sure anybody visiting can clearly see that. Add new platforms, upgrade the facilities, take care of the way everything looks, and carefully plan the corridors’ routes while keeping in mind they should result in the most effective flow for the passengers.
  • Control the economy in both micro and macro scale – more passengers mean more profit, more profit means more investments, and more investments mean higher taxes that all land in your pocket. And you like to have full pockets, don’t you?
  • Expect the unexpected – space is vast and every possible thread out there can’t always be identified. From alien viruses to a head-on collision with a speeding asteroid, here you can be sure only one thing – no two days will be the same, and not a single one will pass without a security breach that requires your immediate assistance.

Intergalactic Transfer Station is currently under development. The game will launch on Steam in Q3, 2021.

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