Inked Out Today on iOS and Android

Story-driven puzzle adventure

Indie games publisher Pixmain and indie development studio Somnium Games release their story-driven puzzle adventure game Inked for iOS and Android today for $3.99 (€4.49, £3.99).

Inked is an epic tale of love and hope. The heart-warming and enchanting story is set to an original soundtrack that perfectly scores this touching romance. 

In the game, players become the Nameless Hero, living peacefully with his love, Aiko, in the world of pen and paper.

A sudden change to this world shifts the story, taking the Nameless Hero on a quest in a vast landscape filled with puzzles to find his lost love. Each puzzle takes him closer to her, unraveling a journey that entwines the Artist and the Nameless Hero. Together they embark on an adventure that will forever change them both. Nominated for Special Selection in Infogamer by Reboot and Best Visuals in Reboot Develop 2016, Inked was initially released in 2018. This new remastered version of Inked is now available on iOS and Android, featuring a new enriched storyline with a more immersive and smoother player experience. Nintendo Switch and PC versions are coming out soon.

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