Indie Studio Dinofarm Announces Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Campaign For The Auro Quest Expansion

(New York, NY) – June 8th, 2015 – Indie developer Dinofarm Games announces the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign for the expansion of their hit title Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. With the announcement of the Kickstarter campaign, the Dinofarm team is looking to create the Auro Quest Expansion, with a new quest mode, new monsters, spells, character upgrades, leaderboards, social features, and other unlockable content. In addition to the expansion Kickstarter, Dinofarm is proud to announce the launch of Auro on Steam Greenlight. All Kickstarter contributors will be granted instant access to the beta and Auro is on track to be released for PC, OSX, and Linux this Summer.

Set in an original fantasy universe, players guide young Prince Auro with a handful of tactical spells through procedurally generated dungeons to face a variety of monsters and bump them into the water! Auro is currently available on iOS and Android devices priced at $2.99 with no in game purchases.

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“We’re incredibly grateful for the praise Auro has received which is why we really want to develop even further with the expansion,” said Keith Burgun, Lead Designer at Dinofarm Games. “Not only for mobile devices, but we’re also particularly excited to get it onto Steam, where we know there’s a lot of players who want the serious, deep strategy game experience that Auroprovides. We feel that in many ways, Auro is a PC game at heart.”


About Auro

Auro is a turn-based tactical game centered all around the basic action of bumping monsters into the water. Players face a multitude of challenging monsters with cool tactical abilities, providing a unique challenge every time you play. Beautiful animated pixel art, deep gameplay and a memorable thematic soundtrack make Auro one of the best gaming experiences you’ll find.dinofarm official logo

About Dinofarm Games

Dinofarm Games is a New York based game development team focused on creating quality unique products. Dinofarm puts the user first and cares deeply about their time, which is why they go the extra mile to create innovative, meticulous designs, detailed stylish pixel art, and melodic musical compositions.

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