Indie PC Game STELLAR OVERLOAD Dev Diaries

Have you ever wondered how video games are being created?

The indie studio Cubical Drift just released a series of short videos showing the different steps in the creation of their video game Stellar Overload.

Discover the human adventure of 3 friends who make their dream come true: create a video game.
Follow their journey on how they started, from a simple idea all the way to the creation of a whole universe, from the character modelisation to the musical composition.

These short videos, made for the general public, unveil the behind the scene work of these dedicated video game craftsmen.


Stellar Overload is still in development, but keeps enriching its content for its community. On September 14th the studio released an update offering its players new content (characters, dungeons, weapon) and many improvements (crafting, interface, …)

Get the game in early access on Steam:

About Cubical Drift

The French indie studio has been created in 2013. More than 10.000 people backed Stellar Overload on Kickstarter in 2014. The game is being played today by a community of over 30.000 players.

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