If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- New Wings: Akari Out Now!

This Spring, take flight again as Akari’s route joins If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-, in a special DLC titled New Wings: Akari. An additional story for If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-, featuring Akari and her bashful emotions towards Aoi. With her support, will the Soaring Club reach the skies once again?

Introducing Akari

Akari Kumoi is the Student Council president in If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-, and is a very serious and hardworking girl. While she’s very strict toward people who don’t follow rules and procedures, she can be understanding and lenient as long as there is a proper reason.

However, she is quite warm-hearted and sympathetic, she isn’t simply all business. She made many requests for improvements to the Soaring Club, but also stood up for the members against teachers’ unreasonable demands.


If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- – New Wings: Akari is a special route which features Akari.

Set after the events of If My Heart Had Wings, New Wings: Akari explores the challenges the Soaring Club faced when they reapply to be recognized as a club again after a year of hard work. Akari, who was doubtful and sceptical about why they were all so passionate about the skies finds herself curious about their activities. She witnessed each of their struggles, and is mystified about how the continue forwards. After Aoi offers to give her a tour of the club’s new base, Akari begins to see the passion they hold, and slowly admits to the developing feelings she holds for Aoi.


  • An extra story for If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-, focusing on Akari
  • The story is played as a standalone route which can be accessed from the game’s start screen
  • A heartfelt and exciting story exploring youth and dreams. A continuation to the award-winning If My Heart Had Wings

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