The stunning strategy game *Highlands* has entered its final week on Kickstarter — with $14,877 toward a $20,000 goal!

Highlands is a turn-based strategy game that mixes “Risk-like” gameplay mechanics with resource management and RPG elements in a world made of thousands of small floating islands. Instead of controlling anonymous armies, players recruit characters with actual personalities and backstories who can *also* level up 🙂

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s *Castle in the Sky,* Highlands features beautiful hand-drawn graphics with battles taking place over 4 unique areas (countryside, city and docks, industrial district, and citadel interior), crafting, sector-by-sector fighting — and special Strategic Actions including Support Strike, Skirmish, and Bombardment. The goal is to secure and hold strategic positions at all costs.

Highlands combines a strong narrative with many scripted and random events to create an unforgettable experience (or as one of the backers puts it, “simple mechanics, complex execution on multiple fronts”).

In Highlands, you play the heirs of a royal family overthrown by a mysterious army of bots and mercenaries. To regain control of your land, you must gather what’s left of the population and resources, improve the stats of your characters, and build up the resistance. Every character on your side is essential to achieving victory.

* Breathtaking setting composed of picturesque floating islands
* Turn-based strategy game with advanced battle mechanics and resource management
* Units are individual heroes with special traits and abilities
* Beautiful hand-drawn graphics with sectors instead of hex tiles
* Character classes:
– Combatants: protect and attack sectors
– Mechanics: fortify (defend) sectors and craft items
– Leaders: inspire the population, gather resources and recruit new heroes.
– Academics: heal troops & performs research
* Items crafting system
* Story-driven – where player choices have real consequences

Release date: Early 2015

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