Help Us Build a Community Geared Towards the Geek in Us All on Discord!

Greetings fellow Geeks.

We here at Game-Refraction have been publishing news and reviews for the inter-webs since October 2014, and now we want to build a community with you.  You can now join our Discord server, and be a part of our geek community.  We’ve added a handy widget on the website, but there is also a kick ass mobile app for both iOS and Android, as well as a PC app for when you are at the computer.  We would love to have you join, so please help us out and be a part of an amazing growing community with us.  The staff at Game-Refraction will be on hand to chat, and also play games. You can also be notified of what’s going on with the website, as well as any events or live streams that are upcoming.

You can join our Discord server by clicking this link:

New to Discord, there is a nice website for that.

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