Go to the edge of our galaxy and beyond in the one-of-a-kind space challenge that awaits you in Solar Expanse

Take on the leading role of an early 21st-century space exploration company and show your competitors how space exploration is supposed to be done!

Solar Expanse cleverly mixes strategy elements with economics and management factors and will demand that gamers familiar with the genre bring their A game, as this time they’ll be operating on a whole new, cosmic scale.

Solar Expanse is coming to Steam on soon, but you can already add the game to your Steam Wishlist (


It’s the early 21st century in an alternate future where SpaceX isn’t the only privately-owned space technology company capable of sending astronauts into orbit. The competition in this market is huge, and the days when putting people on the International Space Station was called an achievement are long gone.

Now your competitors mine and drop asteroids, colonize planets ready to be inhabited while terraforming those considered not habitable, and do everything they can to gain dominance in space. You have to think big if you want to be ahead of them, so don’t limit yourself to our planetary system, but treat it as the starting point of your career.

Reach the planets, moons, and asteroids of the system to mine and colonize them. Once you’re ready, visit Alpha Centauri, Proxima Centauri, TRAPPIST-1, Gliese 581, or Kepler-452 – your strategic thinking, management skills, and budget are your only limitations.


  • Lead the space exploration company – compete with other corporations on your way to profit, and remember that mercy over your competitors is not something you should have in your resumé for this job.
  • Plan rocket flights – optimize the costs and schedule of the flights. Keep in mind that every object is in constant motion, so exact planning is crucial. Utilize gravity effects and slingshot your rockets further beyond.
  • Explore and research – there are hundreds of thousands of objects in the asteroid belt alone. Some are made of water, while others might contain precious metals. Deploy various telescopes, arrays, and probes to know the system better and plan your next flights. Scan for the most profitable and useful materials so you can research new technologies.
  • Mine and drop asteroids – send your rockets and deliver the asteroids to Earth or colonies. Gain profits to expand your corporation and start projects on a much larger scale, or drop the asteroids on planets and moons, either to terraform or just to ruin your competitors’ plans. The choice of strategy is entirely yours.
  • Build and colonize – in time, you will get contracts to establish permanent bases on various objects. Build fuel stations, launch sites, space catapults, space elevators, or even entire cities!
  • Terraform – your ultimate goal will be to make the moons and planets of Earth’s solar system habitable. This task will take centuries, enormous resources, new technology, and thousands of rocket flights. Move the water-rich asteroids from the asteroid belt to Mars, and don’t forget to mine Io and Titan for necessary resources.
  • Conquer other solar systems – once you are done with Earth’s solar system, go beyond with your colony ships to millions of real and generated systems. Visit Alpha Centauri, Proxima Centauri, TRAPPIST-1, Gliese 581, or Kepler-452, if you can name it, you can go there!

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