‘GameOn Piano’ on its way to the App Store – Play piano with the help of deep learning technology

The first of its kind, GameOn Piano introduces an algorithm powered by a deep learning neural net which is able to extract chords from “any” song. Learn the chords to your favorite songs by importing your iTunes library music – or choose from any of the game’s built-in tracks. Bonus: GameOn Piano can even listen to you perform on a real-life piano or keyboard!

GameOn Piano provides an easy way to play chords by offering onscreen prompts that are simple to follow. Hit the right keys in time with the music to earn points and string together several notes to earn a boost. Level up and earn more tracks as you play; each completed song will reward you with coins and experience that can be used to unlock additional music and instruments (like a xylophone or synth).

iTunes Library or Built-in Tracks

With more than 20 million songs available to choose from the iTunes catalog, GameOn Piano is the first game that gives you the power to choose what you want to learn from your own music library – allowing you to master the chords from your favorite music while playing along on a real keyboard or virtual piano. Don’t have your own music? Not a problem! GameOn Piano features its own library of tracks from talented indie artists – including music from SPiN, The Young Werewolves, Oh No Not Stereo, and many more.

In-Game Piano or Real-Life Keyboard

GameOn Piano’s deep learning neural net handles live piano chord recognition through your device’s microphone. With this, the game can hear what is being played in real time to help you play correctly. This allows you to learn at your own pace, chord by chord – giving you real-life experience that can be used beyond the game.

Key Features
  • Jam out to the in-game music or any songs you own; works with more than 20 million tracks from iTunes.
  • Improve your musical ability with real-time feedback on a real piano; the game listens and shows you how you play … live!
  • Enjoy listening and playing bonus music from talented indie artists.
  • Unlock achievements and goals as you progress through the game.
  • Unlock up to 9 different instrument sounds to play along with.
  • Practice on a real musical instrument by playing along with a piano, keyboard or synthesizer.
Pricing & Availablility

GameOn Piano is free-to-play and will launch on the App Store Wednesday, May 3. A VIP All-Access pass is available for $2.99 weekly, $7.99 monthly, and $39.99 annually – which enables the Real Piano mode with unlimited play of all tracks in the user’s iTunes library, all bundled songs including any song updates and all instruments.

About Shalev Games

Founded in 2016 by Yael Shalev and Dani Arrusi in Tel Aviv, Israel, Shalev Games is an indie studio that designs family-friendly/technology rich casual games exclusively for iOS. For more information about Shalev Games and GameOn Piano, please visit

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