Frostpunk Debut Gameplay Trailer – ‘Heartbeats’

What is society capable of when pushed to the limits, and what do we become in the process? 11 bit studios, creators of This War of Mine, present the debut gameplay trailer for Frostpunk.

Frostpunk is a city-survival game in which heat means life, and every decision comes with a cost. Living among the frozen remnants of Earth, it is up to you to shape society, establishing the laws and customs to ensure survival.

What will you sacrifice for the greater good? Will you allow child labor? How will you treat the sick and the wounded? With the future of humankind in your hands, Frostpunk is both a challenge of tactical planning and a test of your own morality.

Frostpunk will be playable for the first time in North America at PAX West. Come to Level 4, Booth #133 to go hands-on with Frostpunk.

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