Fractured Space: Unlock three limited Black Edition skins

If you are a fan of the limited Black Edition skins, then you should add a few takedowns to the overall tally in this weekend’s Kill Count Black Edition.
We’ll be keeping track of everyone’s takedowns from 5pm UTC Thu July 20th until 5pm UTC Monday July 24th.
At a cumulative 200,000 takedowns, anyone who contributed will earn the skin for the USR Endeavor. If the total hits 400,000, then the Black Edition skin for the TDS Basilisk will be awarded. At 500,000, anyone who took part will also get the USR Destroyer skin.
Takedowns in both Quickplay and PvP will count towards the total and can be done in any ship.
These skins have not been previously released and are not for sale. It’s Takedown Time¬†Captains!

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