Fractured Space – Trident Challenge is here with Multiple ways to win!

This weekend hails the debut the Fractured Space multi-challenge event, The Trident Challenge. The Trident Challenge gives you three options you can choose to complete. There is even added an extra day to the event to give you a better opportunity to do all three.

The 3 events you can complete are:

  • 10 Wins earns a Captain Crew Pod (when opened you will receive a random non-Legendary Captain)
  • 15 Mine Captures earns you 3 random Attack implants
  • 25 Heal Support points earns you 3 random Utility implants. Only Heal Support points count towards this rather than other support points you see in game (buff and debuff points), so get that first aid into action!

This event runs from 5pm UTC on Thursday May 25th to 5pm UTC on Tuesday May 30th.

You can earn one, two or three of the rewards, all of which will be awarded at the end of the event.

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