Fractured Space – Protag the prize weekend – June 30 to July3

Three challenges to beat – 24 hours for each to unlock the limited edition crew member.

We have encountered a serious spline reticulation problem, so Killer Pigeon has reworked targets for a new three-day series of events.

Running from 5pm UTC on Friday June 30th until 5pm UTC on Monday July 3, players will be working together to hit the targets in three separate events. If all three are hit, a special bonus prize of a limited edition crew member will be awarded to anyone who contributed in all three – communication specialist, Protaganist.

  • Day 1 is all about capping – if the community hits 50,000 mine or forward base captures in 24 hours, anyone who contributed will win an implant pod with 5 implants. Caps in both Quickplay and PvP count towards the total.
  • Day 2 is Takedown day. We need 130,000, with a prize of a random robot crew member for each contributing player..
  • Day 3, running from 5pm UTC on Sunday, is Gamma time. The target is 6,000 Gamma captures for a two gold drop pod prize.

If all three targets are hit, anyone who contributed in all three of the events will receive the Protag crew member. If the totals of any of the daily events are hit early in their 24 hour period, you can still get a cap, takedown or Gamma cap during those events and earn the prizes.

Good luck captains!

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