Fractured Space KILL COUNT WEEKEND begins May 11th for 6 new skins

Edgecase Games, Creator of Fractured Space has announced that it is time for a Kill Count weekend – where they measure total community takedowns – from 5pm UTC Thu May 11th to 5pm UTC Mon May 15th.

EdgeCase Games be tracking the total of all takedowns in Co-op and PvP matches and have the following targets and prizes: 100,000 – Endeavor Neptune skin; 175,000 – Equalizer Crimson, and Protector Luna skin; 250,000 – Endeavor Type G, Executioner Terra, Paladin Luna.

If you register even just one takedown during the event you will be eligible for any and all rewards the community earns.

The Skins have not been on sale before (and the Type G skin will not be found in the store at any time).

Handy tip for those wanting to rack up takedowns in Co-Op – as the game progresses, respawn times get longer, so multiple medium length games gives you more takedowns per minute than one long bot farming fest.

Good luck Captains!

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