Fractured Space – Earn limited edition skins this weekend

This weekend it is time to play and earn up to three newly released limited edition skins – the elusively rare Type G, Titan Pro and Europa skins, with Fractured Space.

Play and complete five games in any USR ship and the Type G Colossus skin is yours. Do the same in any Zarek and you earn the Europa skin for the Superlifter. Five in a TDS, and you unlock the Titan Pro skin for the Aegis.

We’ll be tracking your Quickplay and PvP games from 5pm UTC on Thursday August 3 until 5pm UTC on Tuesday August 8 and you can check your progress in the events section (the event has been extended by a day as some players were not getting their games tracked on Thursday evening).

Any prizes unlocked will be awarded at the end of the event.

Good hunting Captains!

Fractured Space is one of the games on a new platform for games fans – BrightLocker.  Discover great games, get early access to some of these, earn exclusive items and talk to devs about their games.

“We’re delighted to be on Brightlocker, we have built up Fractured Space by working closely with our community of players and it’s great to have a platform which helps us with this.” – James Brooksby, Edge Case Games CEO.

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