Foundation by Polymorph Games is now LIVE on Kickstarter

Polymorph Games is proud to announce its Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming game, Foundation, a grid-less, sprawling medieval city-building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management, where players must create a prosperous settlement as the newly appointed lord of a region untouched by man.

Setting to redefine the city-building genre, Foundation puts the emphasis on the organic aspects of urbanism in the cities of old, powered by Polymorph Games’ proprietary game engine, Hurricane, which allows for full mod support and is optimized for the thousands of moving parts that come with building humongous cities.

The game features in-depth resource management akin to the Anno (Dawn of Discovery) series, expertly mixed with classic city-building elements from Settlers, SimCity, and Pharaoh all topped with narrative encounters inspired by Crusader Kings II to create the ultimate medieval ant-farm simulation.

Grow your untapped land into a great sprawling kingdom as you appease different factions of your area, all while listening to a beautiful original soundtrack by the veteran composers who’ve created music for Paradox Interactive titles such asCrusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV.

  • Kickstarter end date: March 16th, 2018 (1PM Eastern Time, GMT-5)
  • Target game release date: Winter 2018
  • Release Platform: Steam (PC)

Key Features:

  • Grid-less and organically sprawling cities that grow like actual medieval cities.
  • Complex web of interactions between inhabitants needs, skills, limited resources and factions.
  • Craft and design unique free-form monuments, with our proprietary node-based tool.
  • Full modding support powered by our own, tailor-made Hurricane Engine.
  • Original soundtrack by veterans who worked on Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV.
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