FISH Now Available on PC

Narrative interactive game-cartoon

Independent developer Gennady Guryanov releases his 3D narrative, interactive game-cartoon FISH on PC for free. 

FISH is a beautiful, bizarre and bamboozling experience that takes you on a philosophical adventure that explores life, the universe and everything.

Drawing inspiration from the book of Russian Artist, Writer and Philosopher, Nicholas Roerich, FISH is an incredibly strange, but fascinating and oddly mesmerising game that explores many facets of life, death and everything in between. 

In FISH you follow the story of a man who has won an award, but to collect it he’ll have to embark on a journey that takes him to strange places. 

Each location you visit contains different benevolent beings that depart their knowledge to you.

These creatures talk about a wide range of topics, with the conversations often revolving around the fundamental nature of reality, life, death, the afterlife, and many other subjects that can take a little time to wrap your head around. Due to the dense subject matter, it can be a little hard to follow what’s going on in FISH, but even if you just absorb some of it, it’s still a fascinating experience. The visuals and character models are near-photorealistic at times, the soundtrack is excellent and you’ll be thinking about some of the conversations you had on your journey for a long time after completion.

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