First fan-created scenario available for Legends of Eisenwald!


It’s been just two weeks since the launch of the strategy-RPG, Legends of Eisenwald, and we are pleased to announce the first fan-made scenario for the game, which is available now on the Steam Workshop for free!

Titled “Raubritters of Meerdrecht”, this scenario puts you in the role of a newly appointed Baron, who discovers his lands plagued with “Raubritters” (robbers) that have set themselves up with several castles from which to perform their raids.

Scenario creator Erick “Jager” Doe says:

“Raubritters of Meerdrecht is my first scenario with the Legends of Eisenwald map editor. It is a pretty easy to use tool, and using existing scenarios as an example is a great way to learn how it works. I really hope people will enjoy playing the scenario, and I also hope that it will invite other players to start creating their own scenarios and campaigns for the game.”

The full description from the creator

Your liege lord and suzerein Count Adelbrecht, son of Count Abel, has granted you the title of Baron of Meerdrecht. Unfortunately, the lands of the barony are plagued by a number of raubritters (robber knights) who have managed to settle in during the reign of the previous baron. Your predecessor Baron Jan was a sickly man, and bound to his deathbed. His inability to rule has allowed these raubritters to take several castles, from which they seek to suppress the local populace, and get fat and rich off of the land. The most troublesome of these raubritters holds a small fortified island in the middle of the Meer lake, which gives Meerdrecht its name.

Download the Raubritters of Meerdrecht scenario for free from the Steam Workshop –

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