FireFall: Update 1.2 Launches with New Missions and Encounters!


The struggle between the Accord and the Chosen continues.  Gone are the days of freedom and peace, stolen by the Chosen plague!

Do you have what it takes to journey to the flaming depths of Devil’s Tusk to face the horrors that lurk in Operation: Miru?  Will you band together with your brothers and sisters in arms to repel the Chosen assault on the Skydock?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, The Accord needs YOU!  Together we stand against the Chosen.  Together Toward Victory!


Update 1.2 Features

Operation: Miru – A brand new 5-Player instanced encounter that allows you to choose your path and fight against the Chosen army or Scorcher beasts that lurk in the Miru mining facility.

Skydock – Located in Coral Forest, Skydock is a key target for the Chosen as they attempt to cut off the Accord’s supply line.  Rally your fellow ARES Pilots to repel this colossal Chosen attack!

Melded Outbreak – The Chosen have devised new tactics in assaulting the Accord Watchtowers.  Only a coordinated strike with your allies will bring these attacks to an end.


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