Firefall! – Battle the developer controlled Chosen bosses this Sunday!

Twas the night before Wintertide when all through New Eden no one was attacking you, not even the Chosen. Until now! Ok we’re bad at poetry but it doesn’t matter because the Chosen, showing no regard for the hallowed Wintertide season, are launching another all-out attack on humanity this Sunday, December 7th from 11am PST until 2pm PST (click to view in your timezone), complete with Dev-controlled super Chosen!

If you’ve never experienced one of our Chosen Offensive events before, here’s how it works. For the duration of the event, Chosen encounters will spawn throughout Coral Forest and Sertao including Chosen Incursions, Chosen Thumpers, Chosen Death Squads, and more. In Devil’s Tusk, Chosen Encounter spawns will be ramped up above their regular rates, and Darkslips will appear and lay siege to the area’s POIs. In addition, Firefall developers will be taking the form of powerful Chosen bosses to spread terror and destruction through the world.

But that’s not all! In addition to the rampant Chosen activity, there’s also a whole host of great rewards you can earn by participating! The rewards will mostly look familiar to those who participated in the past Chosen Offensive events, but we’ve made a couple of additions. All players who are logged in for one continuous hour during the event (if you crash or disconnect, you will have a small window of time to reconnect without resetting your time) will receive the following:

  • “Defender of Humanity” Title
  • “Defender of Humanity” Decal
  • “Defender of Humanity” Warpaint
  • 7 days of VIP (activated immediately upon completing the 1 hour of playtime)
  • Chosen Glider Wings
    • This glider does not deploy a pad, but instead boosts you into the air and deploys on activation (similar to the Celestial Wings Glider). The Chosen Glider Wings will launch you higher than a standard glider pad (it will still scale with “Lofty” gliders) and has a 15 minute cooldown.
  • Vile Carcass pet
  • 7 day Chosen LGV Rental (activated immediately upon completing the 1 hour of playtime)

Once you’ve completed the initial “play for one hour” mission, you will unlock a series of several “stretch goal” style missions. Remember that you only get these missions once the “play for one hour” mission is complete, and any encounters you do before then will not count towards your progress. The missions and their rewards are:

  • “Slayer” – Complete 5 Chosen Offensive encounters
    • 100 Credits
  • “Ravager” – Complete 10 Chosen Offensive encounters
    • 200 Credits and 1 Silver Vending Token
  • “Annihilator” – Complete 15 Chosen Offensive encounters
    • 300 Credits and 1 Silver Vending Token
  • “Vanquisher” – Complete 30 Chosen Offensive encounters
    • 400 Credits and 1 Gold Vending Token

Please remember that, for these stretch goal missions as well as the initial “play for one hour” mission, your progress will reset if you log out for more than a couple minutes.
To get you in the mood, here’s an extremely topical image/song made by community member SqueekinOrka.

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