Fearless Fantasy is out now on iPhone and iPad, includes free Steam game!

Fearless Fantasy, tinyBuild’s bizarre gesture-based adventure game, is finally available on iPhone and iPad for $3.99 — and players can get a free tinyBuild Steam game if they grab a copy from the App Store at launch. Gamers can claim their game on tinyBuild’s Facebook page.

This turn-based adventure sees monster hunters Leon and co. battling through a series of freaky creatures, with players swiping and tapping to attack their stupid faces, while also defending against the weirdest of advances.

Turn-based RPGs usually involve choosing your attack and then sitting back to watch the action unfold. Not so in Fearless Fantasy: Even once you’ve picked your move, you have to make sure it lands — and then you’ll need to stay laser-focused to negate any attacks that come back your way.

Wait, did you say free game?
You’re damn right: Anyone who grabs a copy of Fearless Fantasy at launch on the App Store can get a free tinyBuild Steam game on top of that, including SpeedRunners, BOID or Lovely Planet. Players need to simply visit the tinyBuild Facebook page and follow the instructions to get their free game.”You see these deals on PC games all the time. You know, all that ‘Buy our game and get another game free’ malarkey,” murmured tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik. “So we thought hey, why not offer mobile gamers a similar deal? That’s the only fair solution.”

We don’t know how long this deal will last (probably until Alex sobers up) so players will need to grab a copy fast if they want to take advantage.

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