Fallen Legion+ to launch on PC January 5th 2018

Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (PS4) and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (PS4 & PS Vita) tell two sides of a brutal war. Together these perspectives build the rich universe of Fenumia. Now both stories are coming to PC in the Fallen Legion+ bundle. Get ready to experience heart-pounding fights and make gut-wrenching choices when the game launches on Steam on January 5th next year.

Embark on a personal journey with Princess Cecille and an enigmatic talking grimoire to restore glory to your crumbling home in Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire. See the toils of war from the other perspective in Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion, where you’ll travel through a ravaged continent alongside Legatus Laendur to rally support and reclaim what the empire has taken from you.

Explore gorgeous, hand-drawn lands inhabited by rival forces and ferocious dragons. Fight enemy hordes with a team of living weapons and master devastating combo attacks to defeat challenging bosses with the Fallen Legion+ deep combat system. Rule your empire between fierce battles, make difficult decisions and witness the consequences of your choices. Will you blackmail a prince to gain power? Or tax a starving village to revive one of your characters? Get ready to make split-second decisions to control your empire and experience how they impact the story.


  • A War Told From Opposing Sides – Fallen Legion+ includes Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion. See the scars of war from two opposing perspectives that build the rich universe of Fenumia.
  • A Legion At Your Command – Control up to four characters simultaneously, master devastating combos and counter enemy attacks with well-timed blocks in the unique Fallen Legion+ battle system.
  • Every Choice Changes Your Empire – make split-second decisions to rule your empire and experience how they impact the game’s story.
  • Magnificent 2D Artwork – From the fangs on our menacing manticore, to each sun-kissed brick of Fenumia’s castle, all of the artwork has been hand-drawn to create a stunning world.
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