‘Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey’ announces six new wizards

GameSamba has revealed six new wizards for its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, “Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey.”

Based on the hit anime series, “Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey” is the ONLY officially licensed online “Fairy Tail” game that will be playable in your browser. It will feature a new telling of the “Fairy Tail” story, and allow players to collect and build teams of their favorite “Fairy Tail” wizards.

While players can recruit and team up with wizards from throughout the “Fairy Tail” world, they’ll begin their journey as one of six new wizards, original to “Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey.”

The new wizards fall into three classes: Elemental Magic (above), Combat Magic, and Guns Magic. Players can pick from male and female characters, and through choices made in the game tune their style of magic to their own personality.

Information on these new wizards along with fan-favorites such as Natsu, Lucy, and Gray will be posted leading up to the game’s closed beta test on the game’s official Facebook page, and on the official site.

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