Face living nightmares and evil toys in *TOYQUEST – a new Metroid-vania platformer for PC and Mac (Steam Greenlight)


Big houses can be scary places. Haven’t you ever tip-toed out of your room late at night — fearing what lurks in the dark? This is the driving force in Hiker Games’ TOYQUEST: THE LOST AND FOUND, a disturbing Metroidvania style action-platformer in which toys and nightmares come to life.Image00015

Honoring the great platformers of the 1980s and 1990s, ToyQuest has players take on the role of Brand—an action figure who tries to save his owner, Felix, from impending darkness. Armed with common household items, Brand must solve the house’s many mysteries before powerful nightmares take over …

ToyQuest features more than 300 enemy toys — including a rat, a paper crane, and soldiers complete with fatigues and guns. The game also boasts hundreds of weapon and item upgrades, procedurally-generated levels, and seven horrific boss stages.

While faithful to 8-bit and 16-bit platformers, ToyQuest innovates with a “base defense” twist: As players fight the enemy in different parts of the house, the bedroom is left unprotected. This means that you will need to find the proper materials to build defenses that can handle a sustained attack from the darkness, protect precious companions, and prevent further nightmares from taking place.

Phuong Vu, founder of Hiker Games:

“ToyQuest: The Lost and Found takes the scary dreams we all had to deal with as kids and turns them into a fluid, imaginative platformer with roguelike elements. It plays like many of the games we enjoyed growing up, but with beautiful graphics and sound.”


  • Endless replayability with procedural level generation.
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