Explore a procedurally-generated world and face an alien invasion in “VoidExpanse” for PC, Mac & Linux

boxIntroducing VoidExpanse — a space exploration RPG that mixes a top-down, arcade-like perspective with dynamic content, stunning graphics, and lots of depth.

VoidExpanse puts players at the heart of an interstellar civilization at the onset of an alien invasion. Starting as an adventure-seeking youngster who barely manages to avoid life as a farmer, the player is called upon to unite the galaxy under one banner to stop the aliens from killing everything and everyone under the stars.

After docking with a space station for the first time and chatting with the staff, players soon learn that during their outward expansion humans stumbled on a hostile race of “alien humans.” Attacking and invading star systems, this alien menace is now threatening entire civilizations that in order to survive, have either: joined one of the three major factions; remained neutral; or become space pirates.

At the beginning of the game, players are neutral and left to their own devices — completing odd jobs for citizens of the nearby space stations. Eventually, they learn that the only way to make any progress toward saving the galaxy is by joining a faction and begin taking back systems from the aliens. However, to join a faction, players must first prove themselves worthy by completing quests — some of which require traveling across several star systems to fetch survivors of a crashed ship, or escort a cargo ship to a new space station.

VoidExpanse_Screenshot_2015-Feb-13_15-39-32 VoidExpanse_Screenshot_2015-Feb-13_15-43-59

Players can mine asteroids to extract valuable ore by using different mining equipment, skills and modules — making mining into a whole game in itself. High rewards can also attract unwanted attention from pirates, so watch out 🙂

VoidExpanse includes a realistic trade system. Different space stations will have a variety of goods for sale and interest in purchasing distinct types of merchandise. Players can find profitable trade routes to exploit these opportunities.

Players can choose between hundreds of different weapons in four categories: energy, ballistic, missiles, and mines. To add more punch, it’s also possible to use special devices such as EMP generators, ECM, missile disruptors, and more.

VoidExpanse features fully persistent worlds — turning each server into a mini MMO. Players can create their own galaxies through custom mods — or play on existing servers created by the VoidExpanse community.


  •  Open exploration of procedural-generated galaxies in sandbox mode.
  • Ship customization with hundreds of different models available.
  • Complex real-time combat system.
  • Factions complete with their own agendas, people, territories and story-lines.
  • Character customization using complex skill trees with many paths.
  • Sophisticated trading system — with NPCs, stations, and profitable trade routes.
  • Advanced asteroid mining with multitudes of ores and mining devices.
  • Persistent worlds in multiplayer mode.

VoidExpanse will launch Thursday, April 2 for $14.99. The game will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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ABOUT THE DEVELOPERat_logo_720x240
AtomicTorch Studio is made up of sci-fi, space exploration, and computer gaming enthusiasts. The core team is united by the idea of creating a title that skillfully mixes an old-school aesthetic, modern graphics and sound, space exploration . . . and tons of fun. VoidExpanse is AtomicTorch Studio’s first game. For more information, please visit

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