Exploding Kittens


You made us:

  • #11 most funded Game ever
  • #1 most funded card game ever
  • #8 most backed campaign ever
  • #22 most funded campaign ever*

*That’s right, more funded than the freaking OCULUS RIFT!!!

We love this game, and we love you, and we love that you love this game, so here’s the deal:

The next stretch goal will be unlocked if we can get 100 thousand backers.

A backer can be as low as $1. The amount doesn’t matter to us, the community does. Help us grow it big and strong.

At 100 thousand you’ll be a bigger community than any game in kickstarter history.

And here’s the prize:

We will upgrade your expansion to a FULL NSFW DECK.

Not a booster, not just an add on, not a smaller deck.

56 stand-alone NSFW cards.

That’s enough to play an entirely raunchy game for 2 to 4 players OR to combine with any other deck and play with up to 8 sadistic kitten killers.

We’ve been working hard to make sure we can handle the increased production and that the game can handle the expansion without sacrificing anything. We think we’ve finally figured it out.

Both decks will fit in one box, and still come in under our needed shipping weight, so there’s no extra charge.

Double the explosions. Double the players. Double the art. We just need your help in getting us there: 100 THOUSAND BACKERS.

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