EVE Online releases roadmap until early spring expansion

EVE Online players have had plenty to talk about this past weekend following a late Friday video message from Executive Producer Andie “CCP Seagull” Nordgren that announced a huge set of features planned between now and an early spring EVE expansion that will be focused on Capital Ships and Citadels

Simultaneously, the near-future features was published to the EVE Updates site (, covering a wide range of additions like a new set of destroyers, serious business art and graphics upgrades, gameplay and balancing revisions based on player-feedback, quality of life improvements, an effort to pair real world science research with EVE gameplay, the first mention of a powerful new upgrade to the hardware of one of gaming’s already most powerful server clusters, and enigmatic PvE additions involving the Drifters.

Also of particular interest is The Crimson Harvest, a mysterious event paired perfectly with the October holiday timeframe.


While the EVE Updates doesn’t yet capture all the features that will be delivered before early Spring 2016, it has piqued player interest quite well with such initial reactions from the EVE Community as “11/10 yes for all of this” “I need this in my life” “WHAT IS HAPPENING?” “heavy breathing” and, of course, “WINTER IS COMING.” As the weeks progress, even more information will populate the EVE Updates page.

More about EVE’s early spring expansion will be revealed at the annual EVE Vegas player gathering (Oct 23-25, where around 700 EVE players will converge for three days of internet spaceship presentations, demos of EVE Valkyrie and Gunjack, round tables, keynotes, and (of course) a pub crawl and partying with devs and other players in typical EVE style.

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