Entropia Universe unveils Easter Mayhem event

This Easter season Entropia Universe players can ditch the age-old egg hunt for an opportunity to score some serious loot by defending Planet Calypso against nefarious robot enemies. Long-running Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Entropia Universe’s annual Easter Mayhem hunt is now underway and runs until Monday, April 29, 2019, with event results announced on Monday, May 6.

Players are requested to assist the Calypso Defense Force (CDF) to fight back against the waves of Evicerators, Spider Bombers, Defenders, Warlocks and Warrior robots to protect the Data Interceptors during the extraction process.

Participating players will be rewarded for their valiant efforts in the form of lootable Mayhem Tokens, which can be exchanged for exclusive event items at the Mayhem Token Trader. Players can enlist in Easter Mayhem fun through the Global Events List from any planet in Entropia Universe.

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