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Edmonton Expo 2017: Anna Silk Quick Interview

While wandering the vast rows of the Edmonton Expo I received a text from the media team… “so you want to interview Anna Silk at 3:00?” Oh my goodness, was this really happening, my chest got tight and I had a perma smile on my face! My response was short and to the point “Yes please!”. Oh my goodness can we say fan girling?? I love Anna Silk, if you have not seen Lost Girl go and do so right now!!

As the time drew closer I was stressing to the max, what should I ask? do I look okay?

We met the media team at the desk with 4 other outlets (boo) so I knew my time with Anna would be minimal so I had to make it count, I reviewed the 8 questions that I had on my list to ask, I was informed that I would be able to ask her 1 question. The stress of asking the right one was weighing on me so I asked David, he was like how about the one marked important?? Well yea duh I should have known. So I went in and completely fan girled (watch the video to see for yourself). It was an amazing experience and one that I will remember for years to come.

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Hope to see you at the next Expo!

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