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E3 2018: Microsoft Press Conference

While I am a huge multi-platform games, there is nothing more exciting than the Microsoft press conference as Microsoft has influence over both the XBOX, but also Steam and Windows 10 platforming, along with multiple dabbles into the mobile gaming platform.

As a comparison to E3 2017 (you know the one where the XBOX ONE X was unveiled and the internet broke due to pre-orders), it was sort of a lukewarm experience, even with 50 new games to display. It provided some great further gameplay add-ons to give you a taste of some of the games that were already teased such as We Happy Few and Metro Exodus and a bunch of world premieres, but it lacked some of the OMG pizzazz that the conference has had before.

Regardless, there were some amazing game announcements that have made me excited for quarter 4 of this year and beyond:

Halo Infinite
It has been 3 years and everyone though the franchise was done!!! This was just a taster trailer, basically showcasing some of the environments including a desert to forested area and just giving you a feel for the graphics. At the end you see a flare fly, and then there is a pan to Master Chief’s helmet…what does this mean?? This is going to be exciting!!

Fallout 76
There has been huge hype about this game since the Twitch stream that left people glued to the “Please Stand By” screen, wanting to know more. Fallout 76 was reveled in a more oven trailer, showing a wasteland that doesn’t look as destroyed as some of the other Fallout worlds that have been explored thus far. The game is confirmed to be a prequel to the other games in the series, and to be 4 times the size of the Fallout 4 gameplay map. Fallout 76 is about rebuilding and forging a new beginning. Pre-orders of the game begin June 15.

This game is an amazing take on the old school cartoon graphics and is said to be one of the most popular takes from IG@XBoX thus far. The reveal trailer from E3 indicated that the game will access a new character, Ms. Chalice and that their will be some new bosses to add to the impossible ending game. There wasn’t too much given away, but is worth the wait for Spring 2019. There is no indication on if this will just come in the form of an update or a full paid DLC.

Devil May Cry V
Presented by its developer director Hideaki Itsuno, the game hits you with the spectacular over the top boom that you expect from the series. The trailer stars the primary character Nero from DMC4, wielding the Red Queen as well ad the Devil Bringer ability, with a new upgrade robotic arm. There is a lot more to be expected in future reveals for this game. It is expected for Spring 2019 launch.

Gears of War 5
This game is going to be intense based on the trailer. We see Kait Diaz crying over the dead of an unseen characters, and despite orders to move on, strange visons she has been having are troubling her. Thus it tale her on a journey to find out what they mean. The trailer shows gameplay that shows the known bloody combat of the Gears series and a display of some of the new melee weapons. The trailer promises a release of sometime in 2019. I’m sure there will be lots of more to come as the anticipation grows for this one.

Gears Pop
The trailer got everyone excited, they saw the gears symbol and then…a Pop character dressed as some of your favorite Gears characters pops through the screen. (for those living under a rock, a Pop character is a vinyl figurine that represents many different characters of pop culture. They are everywhere!!). A game around them…like the nostalgia of the Lego video games. Call me a “cutie gamer” but I’m pumped for this one.

Kingdom Hearts 3
I used to play the Kingdom Hearts series back on the PS2 and was hooked. This was quite exciting to be given a taste of the game coming to the XBOX platform. The game appears to take you through various worlds themed after Disney films, including Wreck it Ralph and Frozen, but the gameplay style and graphics are just as smooth and crisp as I remember.

While that is only a few of the many hyped games that I am excited for, there were many more disclosed of including:

– Shadow of the Tomb Raider
– The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
– Battletoads (remastered!!!)
– Crackdown 3
– Cyberpunk 2077
– The Division 2
– Dying Light 2
– Forza Horizon 4
– Just Cause 4
– Metro Exodus
– PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The most important announcement at the conference is the increased addition of games to the Xbox One Game Pass library and indication of what games will be available upon global release on the game pass. Also discussion of the “fast start” feature that will increase loading speed was great feature because who wants to wait to play??

Microsoft also announced it acquisition of 5 gaming developer companies into the Microsoft Studio family.

Regardless of the somewhere less energetic conference, it was still a great experience to see what Microsoft has in store for the feature for the gaming universe.

Watch a replay of the Microsoft E3 2018 Briefing:

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