E3 2017 – Rocket League Set to Release on Switch with Cross Platform Play

Nintendo announced that the incredibly popular Rocket League will be making its way to the Switch.

The massively fun and easy to pick up game was developed and produced by Psyonix Studios. It was originally released digitally for Microsoft Windows and PS4 back in July of 2015 and then later made its way to the Xbox One, OS X and Linux in early 2016. Then in June of 2016, 505 Games released physical copies for both PS4 and XBox One. Now in 2017, Switch players can enter the fray when it releases for the system later this year.

The Switch edition of the game will make use of the same entertaining modes of play but will take full advantage of the newer system’s pick-up-and-play-anywhere features. It will also be bringing new additions via console exclusive themed items to customize your vehicle. It will also be cross-platform play compatible. That is great news for those that don’t want to miss out playing with friends on other systems, but unfortunately, PS4, much like with Minecraft’s cross-platform-play, will again be sitting this party out.

Rocket League will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch sometime during the holiday season.

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