E3 2017 – Nintendo Announces 2 DLC Packs for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched on March 3rd, which was just a few short months ago. The world was expansive and many players spent hundreds of hours doing every possible activity available in the game. There were hundreds of temples to solve, miles of dangerous terrain to traverse, countless different types of recipes to discover and let’s not even get started on the amount of different weapons that enemies can drop or that you can collect from Amiibo chests… This game is a monumental achievement on its own. Then along comes Nintendo to inform us that they have made more to add to an already-bursting-at-the-seams-with-content game.

The Master Trials is the first add-on content and releases at the end of this month. It adds three new and exciting modes that will challenge your skills. Trial of the Sword sees Link at a sacred location in a room where he has to fight his way out of waves of enemies. The best part? You start out with nothing and will be forced to improvise by grabbing whatever is on the ground or dropped by enemies. For those that enjoyed the survival island mission, this mode will be right up your alley. But not to worry, once you are through that room, there will be 45 more to battle through and each one will see a degree of difficulty increase. Once you stand victorious, the Master Sword’s true power will awaken and it will always be glowing in it’s powered up state while useable.

The Hero’s path mode is a handy new map feature that shows us everywhere we have traveled in Hyrule within the last 200 hours of gameplay. It makes use of a time tracking bar that gives us a glimpse into where we have traveled, where we spend the most time and where we have yet to explore, possibly exposing locations of undiscovered missions or shrines.

Hard mode is exactly what anyone would expect. Enemies will gradually regenerate health, will be powered up by a whole level (example red bokoblins will now be blue) and they will also have a higher max level than normal. Don’t always be wary of enemies on just the ground. Now we need to be wary of enemies from above as well as treasure

that could be missed.

Somewhere in Hyrule, there will be a chest containing the travel medallion. It allows you to register a single fast travel location, which is a big help if you have to go back to a town but want to revisit the are you were in before that.

New armor sets will find their way in game as well, you can unlock Midna’s Helmet from Twilight Princess, Majora’s Mask, the Phantom suit of armor from Phantom Hour Glass and Tingle’s fashionable outfit from Majora’s Mask. Last but not least, the most useful of the new wearable items, the Korok Mask. When wearing it, it will notify you with vibrations when you are close to a hiding korok. Perhaps now we can finish collecting all 900 korok seeds.

The Master Trials is set to release digitally on June 30th, but only available for download if you purchase the entire season’s pass.

The second DLC pack, The Champion’s Ballad, will add a new dungeon, additional new story content and even more new challenges. Not much is known about this pack yet, but in the footage shown at Nintendo’s E3 segment, it 

appears as though we may take a journey into Link’s past and that of his Heroic companions.

The Champion’s Ballad is set to release sometime this holiday season.

Speaking of Champions, Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa will each have a stunningly crafted Amiibo made in their likenesses. As of yet there is no release date set for these or what functions they will have in game other than those already present in the Breath of the Wild. Perhaps there will be more information on them revealed as The Champions Ballad draws closer to its release.


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