E3 2017 – Insomniac’s Spider-Man to hit PS4 in Early 2018

While Insomniac Games had shown their PS4 exclusive Spider-Man title off at last year’s E3, they brought a considerable larger amount of footage this year, with much of it being actual gameplay, as well as a lot of scripted action-packed moments.

The gameplay footage also cemented the appearance of several characters that we will be interacting with during the game; Wilson Fisk, Mr. Negative, and Capt. Watanabe, who is also known as The Wraith. It was also announced, at the tail end of the show, that Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, will feature somehow into the game. Considering that Sony has an animated movie featuring Miles in the works, this makes total sense. However, it is unclear if this is a simple cameo or something else entirely.

The gameplay footage showed off much of the unique ways that Spider-Man will utilize his webbing, everything from using it as a lasso when dodging enemy attacks, to firing off small wall-stick grenades that are triggered by close proximity. The way in which Spider-Man moves around during the game, as well as during combat, is remarkably fluid, and some of the best animations I’ve seen in years.

The aptly titled, Spider-Man, is shaping up to be the best game to feature the wallcrawler yet. Let’s just hope that the normal open world busywork isn’t something that bogs down the game.

Given Insomniac’s history of witty storytelling, I think we are in for one hell of a game next year when it releases.

Spider-Man is a PS4 and PS4 Pro exclusive.

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