E3 2017 – Horizon Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds Announced

Horizon Zero Dawn is easily one of the finest titles released so far for the PlayStation 4. Releasing a new IP is never easy and when it’s good, it needs to be celebrated. When the credits rolled on my playthrough, I immediately¬†wanted more, and later this year, that’s exactly what we will get.

Sony Announced on stage at this years E3 that “The Frozen Wilds”, a DLC story expansion, will hit the PlayStation 4 later this year.

The expansion takes place in a new region full of snow and, as one should easily surmise, full of the fantastic robot dinosaurs that filled up the world of the first game.

“The Frozen Wilds” puts players back in the role of Aloy, however; it is unclear if this takes place before or after the end of the main game. It is story based, which is a nice change of pace from the map packs and such that other games like to pack in their content updates. Look forward to new weapons, enemies, and new types of armor.

Currently, no price or exact release date has been announced for “The Frozen Wilds”.

For more E3 2017 coverage, keep checking back over the next few days!

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