E3 2017 – Experience The World of Skyrim through PlayStation VR this November.

Experience the world of Skyrim through VR on the PlayStation 4 this November.

Sony has given strict instructions to developers about framerate for their VR compatible titles, so expect the game to not look as good as it currently does via the Skyrim remaster that hit the console last year.

There aren’t many details regarding the conversion to VR, such as comfort levels offered to make the game easier to play in VR. Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint both gave you a selection of settings to make the experience more engaging without making you too motion sick. This may be a VR title that should run and look far better on the PS4 Pro.

I am a huge fan of VR and this should be a great reason to jump back in (again) to the world of Skyrim. Expect a full review once the game launches this winter.

For more E3 2017 coverage, keep checking back over the next few days!

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